You’ve been waiting for this moment. You’re sixteen, finally. You’ve got that silver key sparkling in your hand. The first solo car ride of your life is here. And you’re ready to hit the wide open road to see wherever those four wheels are going to take you.

There’s nothing that can quite measure up to that exact moment when you first fell in love with a car, the road, and a whole new world was opened up in front of you.

That’s the magic that Courtney Hansen is serving up in The Ride That Got Away.

And you can bet Hansen has street cred. She grew up in the garage with her dad, who won 27 national championships in SCCA racing. But for Hansen, a family legacy is literally just the start.

She’s the author of The Garage Girl’s Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Your Car and started her career as the co-host of world famous Overhaulin’ on TLC, a show based around car makeovers. Since then she has hosted numerous hit television shows with a focus in the automotive genre.

Think about any show you’ve ever watched about cars – ever. Nine times out of ten (or maybe more) if there was a woman in the show, what was she doing? Modeling the car, probably.

So what is Hansen doing? Much more than that. In fact, Hansen is making big moves. She’s the founder, executive producer, host and overall decision-maker in the show. She’s the first female to put the pedal to the metal and pave the way for other female hosts in the automotive tv industry.

So, with all her work in the industry, when the time came, she knew exactly where to find Troy Ladd and invite him to her show.

And found him she did, at Hollywood Hot Rods, in Burbank, California, a business he established in 2002. Since then, he’s been building hot rods and winning awards left and right. Now he can add working on Hansen’s cars in The Ride That Got Away to his accolades.

Add Courtney Hansen, car designer Ladd, and the rest of the cast and the crew together, and you’ve got a dynamic recipe for season one of The Ride That Got Away.

The show takes submissions from family members of people who had to let go of a car that they really loved. You know. That first car that you ever had that makes you feel sentimental just thinking about. The Mustang you had to let go because it was either keep the car or pay medical bills. The Cadillac you had to sell to get your kid through college.

From those submissions, Hansen chooses the most deserving people and the most deserving cars. Then they set out to find that old ride. They set to work tracking down that old car, or find one that’s pretty darn close if the old one was too damaged.

What happens next is a custom classic car lover’s dream. The car is restored its original glory, just like it was when it was owned and loved by its first family.

Hansen doesn’t just want people to have new cars. She wants to help people find long lost pieces of their past, and reconnect them with their history.

One of the best parts? Nominees are secretly submitted by family members who think another member of their family is deserving of finding their old car. If they’re selected, the lucky person getting their old car back has no idea it’s about to happen. So you get to watch as someone out there gets the surprise of their life. At the end of the day, this isn’t a story about cars. It’s the story of resilience and grit of the people who drive them.

Everyone has a ride that got away. What was yours?

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