Caleb “RJ” Harris

Caleb “RJ” Harris


My name is Caleb Wayne Harris also known as RJ. I’m 26 years old and from East Tennessee. I’m pretty laid back and live by the motto that life is one big wave, and you’ve got two choices. Either you hop on and ride it out or let pass. Yeah, you might wipe out, but you’ll never know how great it could be if you let that perfect wave get away.

I grew up in rural Illinois soaking in my dads stories of hot rodding. His tales of drag racing in his 1966 Plymouth Satellite and building Mopars inspired me to hope to get the chance to do it as well. We had always talked about finding “the car that got away” and building it back together, but his death in 2007 stole that dream. My mother and I moved to East Tennessee that same year. There I discovered my love for not just hot rods, but diesel trucks. With guidance from my brother-in-law I cultivated a natural talent for welding and building my first truck at 18. After a few years of continued dedication, I was lucky enough to complete a build to showcase at 2016 SEMA show.

When I was offered the opportunity to work on this show it was truly a dream come true. To work alongside some of the greatest in the industry is an honor. There are no words to describe the feelings you get doing these builds for the ones who truly deserve them.  Not only am I living my dream, but I feel I get to connect to something that was taken away from me. I know my father is standing these beside me on every build. I’m walking in his foot steps and carry not only his dreams, but his legacy.