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ROYL Garage™ team finds the original car, or something damn close to it, they meticulously repair, restore and reimagine the ride, creating a fantasy version of the dream car that got away.

These are not just faithful restorations. Courtney, Troy and the team are transforming the vehicle according to the former owner’s vision. So that ‘64 Impala is turned into a badass lowrider. A 1920s Ford becomes a T-Bucket hot rod that’ll blow away the competition. Every transformation will be unique and personal to its owner, plus they’ll be souped up with all the latest bells and whistles.

At the end of each episode, Courtney and Troy coordinate the surprise of a lifetime with our owners’ loved ones.

Each dramatic and emotional reveal unfolds in everyday situations like family barbecues and baseball games, where Courtney and Troy roll up in the biggest surprise of these car lovers’ lives – a rolling work of art and a priceless moment in the life of the car’s rightful and long-lost owner.

Build Stories

The one they grew up riding around in with their parents, the first car they ever bought or the dream ride they had to sell when they fell on hard times. Courtney and Troy are on a mission to find these missing pieces of personal and family history—often veritable pieces of American history too—and get them back to their rightful owners who said goodbye to them long ago. What the owners don’t know is that they’re about to meet again.

Courtney's Corner


Courtney Hansen

Courtney Hansen grew up surrounded by cars. Her father Jerry Hansen, is the winningest driver in SCCA history. So it was only natural that Courtney's celebrated media career began as the co-host of TLC's hit car makeover series Overhaulin', along with TLC specials Rides: Biggest Spenders and Million Dollar Motors.

Courtney followed those successes with 10 seasons as the host of PowerBlock/PowerNation on Spike, NBC Sports and CBS Sports, Autoweek's Vinsetta Garage on Velocity, among other shows. A frequent host for NASCAR, she is also the author of The Garage Girl's Guide to Everything you Need to Know About Your Car, as well as syndicated newspaper column, Courtney Hansen: Full Throttle.

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