About us.

Ride of Your Life with Courtney Hansen assembles an all-star team of the baddest custom car builders in the country led by one of the most talented women in the car customization business.

Courtney Hansen is the first female executive producer in television history to not only create and produce her own custom car show but also own the garage where all the magic happens.

Courtney and her awe-inspiring team transform rusted rides into works of rolling art that dreams are made of.

These incredible folks come together each day to turn rusted rides into works of rolling art to help make the lives of individuals who have faced tragedies and setbacks in their lives just a little bit better.

At the end of each episode, Courtney and her team surprise the deserving recipients with the custom car of their dreams, helping make a positive impact in each of their lives.

Full of humor and gratitude, Courtney comes from a long history in the automotive world and is now at the helm of her own custom car garage and television series. Join Courtney and her talented, diverse team of characters as they face the daily challenges and realities of making dreams come true for worthy recipients.

Courtney’s excitement for customizing cars, being the boss and working with her team toward a common goal makes for extraordinary television. This show, crafted for the whole family, is both entertaining for those interested in custom cars and inspiring to individuals captivated by how this successful entrepreneur opened the door and paved the way for other women in the field.

The dynamic characters that work at ROYL Garage will guarantee to make you laugh, while the heart-tugging reveals will likely make you shed a few tears. Ride of Your Life is truly a social impact-inspired show that’s bound to captivate the entire family.